For the technical folks who has previously used or worked with ‘Asterisk’

  • RAMS is real-time.
  • This means all dial plans created are real time.
  • Any changes made and saved in RAMS is initiated immediately.
  • Diaplan reloads or server  restarts are not necessary.
  • The entire RAMS architecture is based on “Dialplan Templates”.
  • This means that a dialplan template can easily be modified to fit your unique business needs, or to interconnect to a specific carrier.


The RAMS team has the knowledge and expertise to deploy RAMS (and of course Asterisk) within the hour.  Because RAMS is highly customizable to your exclusive business needs, unique features and projects can be deployed relatively quickly.

RAMS is beyond a telecommunications platform.  It can integrate with existing ticketing and customer management systems.  RAMS easily integrates with “Request Tracker” which is an Open Source enterprise-grade ticketing system.