Message from the Founder – Reza M. Reza.

As the original Lead Developer, Architect and Designer for RAMS – it is safe to claim that this is the only software in the market based on Asterisk, which was initially developed exclusively for Multi-Tenant Hosted PBX – internal need.  Our primary company evolved into three different businesses needing three separate phone systems. We needed a cost effective solution which did not exist in the market.


Shortly after a prototype which addressed the need of a phone system running on one server for the three companies, we realized the potential and power of the software we designed.  This allowed us to penetrate the market of telecommunications and we started providing telephone services to the small and medium sized businesses.  Over the past decade our software has grown and evolved beyond its original scope and design.


As of January 2017 we are on Version 13.  The capabilities and power of RAMS have also evolved to serve emerging international markets, startup organizations in various sectors and also penetrated the Internet Telephone Service Providers market.


With head offices located in Toronto Canada.


Give us an Ubuntu or Debian server hosted at your preferred data centre and we will have RAMS ready for you within the day.


Our installation and consulting process is streamlined to be effective and efficient.


We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Kind regards,

Reza M. Reza.