Our clients are our partners to success!

As long as your physical server can handle the load, we allow Unlimited Tenants and Unlimited Concurrent Calling.
You have Full and complete freedom to expand and grow with flexible and affordable licensing plans.


Need 3 or more licenses?  Contact your account manager for volume licensing discounts.


$3500 USD
(per server)


$950 USD
(Redundant Server Licensing)


$2,500 USD
(Multi Server License)

You have the flexibility to add unlimited accounts, as long as your server hardware specs allow it.

This is typically the First License an organization would purchase for their telecommunications and VoIP needs.

The redundant server licensing allows those already having a valid licensed copy of RAMS, to benefit a heavily discounted RAMS software.  The redundant server typically copies and replicates the Database from the primary server.   Purchase of brand new license per server is not required. 


Clients requiring multiple servers for multiple projects or projects deployed in a clustered environment, benefits from a discounted License pricing.  For 3 or more license purchase, please contact our office for volume pricing. 

Our pricing and licensing structure is simple and to the point, and we believe it is the most fair in the market:


  • You are given a “Server License” for the entire lifecycle of your server
  • Additional licenses are $2500 USD.
  • Licenses for standby servers (for high availability) is $950 USD.
  • License key to migrate from an old to new server is ** FREE **
  • All New Licenses include a 10 hr training and hands on support to get you started.


Clients with existing licenses get free upgrades to patch releases and version releases, and purchase of new licenses honoured at same original purchase price.